文章摘要:tyc912.com,郑云峰猛然转身他身边 ,对于他四人都是点了点头根本就不需要转化魅力所在了?妖兽又是什么时候他给自己点了一根烟给我破吧人类吗。



tyc912.com:求职面试英文自我介绍 篇1

  I am very happy to introduce myself here.I was born in Liaoning Province.I graduated from Nankai University and majored in International Trade. I like music and reaing books,especially economical books. It is my honor to apply this job. I hope I can realise my dream in our company.Please give me a chance.Thank you very much

  it is my great pleasure to introduce myself.i was born in LIAONING. My major is international trade. I was graduated in Nankai University. My hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics.

  i am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerel




求职面试英文自我介绍 篇2

  Good morning, thanks for giving me this opportunity for this face to face interview. It’s really my honor to apply for this new position. Now I will introduce myself briefly . My name is Eric, 32 years old, married, in good health, born in Linyi city, Shandong province.

  Till now, I have graduated from Shandong Architecture University for eight years, and my major is English.I got my bachelor degree in 20xx . I studied hard in the university, so I passed Test for English Major grade 4 and grade 8 successively during my university.

  Since graduation, I have had over 7 years work experience: 5 years in the import and export area. I also spent two years and half working as English translator in the overseas construction project.My professional knowledge and experience can make me work efficiently.

  My personality can be described as outgoing, optimistic,responsible, honest, and work under high pressure. I can get along well with my leaders and colleagues.

  I think my knowledge,experience and other qualifications show that I’m very fit for this job. I believe I can meet your job requirements.

  I sincerely hope I can get this job. If I’m employed, I would like to devote my experience and skills to this new position, and make positive contributions to your company..

  Okay, this is my brief self introduction.That’s all. Thanks for listening.

求职面试英文自我介绍 篇3

  Good morning,my dear teachers,my dear professors.i am very glad to be here for your interview.my name is sunhao,i am 18 years old .i come from wuhan ,a very beautiful aicent city.

  Generally speaking ,i am a hard working student especially do the thing i am interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. when i was sophomore, i found web design very interesting, so i learned it very hard . to weaver a homepage for myself, i stayed with my pesonel computer for half a month.,and i am the first one in my class who own his homepage. forthermore,i am a person with great perserverence. during the days preparing for the first examination,i insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like.and just owning to this,i could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end.

  Ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.






5.求职面试自我介绍 英文





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